•  60min Yoga Class: *POSTPONED Every Mon, Wed, Fri at  6p (click the "BOOK NOW" for the next class time)

  • Restorative Yoga: *POSTPONED Click the "BOOK NOW" button for the next scheduled class! *

  • Yoga for Recovery and Trauma:*POSTPONED Every Other Thursday night at 6:30p 

  •  Yoga Workshops and Specialty Classes:*POSTPONED Click the "BOOK NOW" button for the next scheduled class!

  • Appointment Services: Unable to make it to a scheduled class, book one of these private services and find a time that fits best for you ( if you are unable to find a time, please send us an email and we will help)

Scheduled Classes


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Unknown Yogi is proud to be partners with the Give Back Yoga Foundation. We support the Mindful Therapy Program and offer monthly Beginner's Yoga Workshops Monthly, every other workshop is a donation workshop, which means all proceeds go to the Mindful Yoga Therapy Program! Check out more here: