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List all . Nov 30, 2012 Interstellar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer ( deluxe edition 1.1) It's no different when dealing with music composition. Once it's familiar, you're already counting the steps with your love. Without the love, you walk close to the edge and feel all the risks. Because of the music, you don't want to fall. This work is part of the well-known composer Hans Zimmer. This was recorded while its director Christopher Nolan was working on the film, Interstellar. The movie features a 19-piece orchestra and 50 background singers and was released in June 2014. So this album has a few more years of progression, and it's great! Hans Zimmer is a genius! He grew up with the 70s in a family of a musical director. I'm glad he's retired from the film industry. A mere five years after its release, Hans Zimmer's original soundtrack for Christopher Nolan's 1999 epic "The Dark Knight" has been reissued on deluxe vinyl with never-before-heard bonus material. Listen to the film's composer revisit the themes, arrangements and instrumentation of some of his most memorable cues, like the horn-powered "Hush". It's hard to tell who does the best job: Hans Zimmer or Michael Giacchino. (In order of preference: The Batman, the first trailer for The LEGO Movie and Interstellar.) The one thing I love about these track notes, which are just as imaginative as the music, is that you can always hear the filmmakers' voices guiding you to the best bits to listen to. Great for cutting away, I guess. Hans Zimmer: La-La-La-La-La-la-la. It's Hans Zimmer's world, and he has only just begun to explain it. The World of Hans Zimmer is beautifully assembled in this library of over 40 CDs, but the best way to really experience the music is to sit in a cinema and watch the movie itself. The 1 CD Deluxe Edition (Deluxe Limited Edition) includes: Special collector's booklet with concert posters from the London concert Hans Zimmer Interview: Press release version of the interview in the collector's booklet, which you'll get after ordering the album. After multiple delays, it was finally finished. The album, Hans Zimmer's 50th, is a journey through the depths of the music he wrote for Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi epic. The music


Interstellar..Original.Motion.Picture.Soundtrack..[Deluxe.Edition].TRUE.LOSSLESS.-.Hans.Zimmer zimrgia

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